Engage kitchen and bathroom buyers earlier to accelerate revenue

Turn design inspiration into action

Grow your kitchen and bathroom revenue by engaging with your customers earlier in their buying journey using our AI-powered Guided Design Platform.

How can Guided Design help you?

Engage customers at the inspiration phase

Be relevant and present when consumers start their search for their ideal kitchen and bathroom and turn inspiration to product discovery, and then guide them through to purchase.

Increase Revenue by driving up AOV

Your website no longer has to feel like a catalogue. Products come to life when your customers are able to visualize their new room design and layout.

Shorten the sales cycle by simplifying decision-making

Too much choice and not enough personalization can overwhelm customers, which can negatively affect decision behavior and lead to abandoned projects. With Guided Design, your customers only see what is suitable for them, which means better choice for the customer and a shortened sales cycle and improved results for you.

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Guide your customers through the design and purchasing journey

DigitalBridge is a Guided Design platform that uses AI to proactively lead your customers through the design and purchasing journey, helping them create their ideal kitchen and bathroom, with reduced friction and complexity.


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