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Learn how to make kitchen & bathroom design more accessible.

Making kitchen & bathroom design creation more accessible

Win more kitchen and bathroom customers by implementing a Guided Design buying experience.

Help your customers design their perfect kitchen and bathroom by reinventing the buying journey using our AI-powered Guided Design Platform.

How can Guided Design help you?

Taking the in-store experience online

With Guided Design, your customers are led to their ideal kitchen and bathroom design by taking them through each stage of their buying journey: from inspiration → design → purchase.

Simple and hassle-free buying experience

Our Auto-Config feature removes complexity and makes designing kitchens and bathrooms more fun and interactive for your customers. An experience they'll find helpful, stress-free and reassuring.

Generate optimal kitchen and bathroom designs

Offering Individual design recommendations, our Auto-Design feature presents personalized and relevant  designs based on your customer’s needs. Suggestions are made based on buying patterns of completed projects, as well as information provided by the buyer.

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Guide your customers through the design and purchasing journey

DigitalBridge is a Guided Design platform that uses AI to proactively lead your customers through the design and purchasing journey, helping them create their ideal kitchen and bathroom, with reduced friction and complexity.


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