Visual Configuration

Help customers choose the right configuration of a product and visualise it in their space

If your products are complex, modular, or come in different varieties, Visual Configuration helps your customers choose the right size, colour, finish or add optional extras and visualise it in their space, giving them confidence to buy.
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For complex products that come in a variety of configurations or sizes

Products can be easily configured via a simple UI
Supports complex and modular products with multiple options, including size, material, colour and optional extras
Configured product can be viewed in Augmented Reality
Configured products can be added directly to your shopping cart
Configured products can be easily saved and shared with friends, a tradesperson or store colleague.

More Visual Commerce solutions for every use case

Visual Inspiration helps your customers imagine your products in their space through 3D and Augmented Reality.
Explore products in 3D and Augmented Reality
Simple integration directly into your website's product pages
Web native, no app required
Whether you sell bathroom suites or garden furniture sets, Visual Space helps your customers view multiple products in their living space to find the perfect layout for their needs.
Design a living space in 3D with multiple products and view in AR
Product Combinations can be added directly to your shopping cart
Product Combinations can be easily shared with friends, a tradesperson or store colleague.
Visual Creation is our service that helps you with the 3D modelling & optimisation, data setup and CGI work that you need to support a Visual Commerce solution.
3D modelling
Data setup
CGI rendering

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