Online Bathroom Design Tool

Realise any customers dream bathroom in minutes

Fully integrated into your ecommerce website, our bathroom design tool guides every customer towards their dream bathroom faster than ever before.

Helping you realise your online goals

Attract new customers

Capture new customers as they are researching online by giving them to tools to turn their first drafts into a final designs instantly.

Convert more projects faster

Generate an unlimited amount of qualified bathroom renovation leads and accelerate them straight to conversion or consultation.

Increase AOV, reduce returns.

As customers fill their bathroom with products they are naturally increasing their basket size, and because they can see exactly how everything fits in their space, they’ll return less.

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Provide an unrivalled customer experience

From setting a floor plan to adding the finishing touches, our bathroom design tool is built to make the process of realising every customers vision simple.

Any device, anywhere, anytime.

Inspiration can hit users from anywhere, enable them to turn it into a design on their phone, desktop or tablet at anytime of day, from anywhere in the world.

Bring ideas to life in full 360°

Let customers jump straight into their new bathroom as it's designed and fast track them towards setting a delivery date.

Products placed perfectly

Every product added to the customers space is automatically placed in the best possible position for the room, making functional design a seamless experience for every customer.

Real-time configuration

Easily adjust products with varying sizes, colours and accessories in real time and see the changes update visually, as well as in the basket.

Unlimited creativity

Customers are free to design as many projects as they like, giving them the ability to try our multiple styles, decorations and trends and compare and contrast their favourites later on.

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