Help your customers make more informed purchasing decisions with Visual Commerce

With DigitalBridge on your website, your product pages become a virtual showroom, helping your customers view your products in their living space.

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Goodbye static 2D product pages. Hello dynamic 3D product exploration.

Visual Commerce is the compelling new way to let customers explore your products as if they are viewing it in their home. Using engaging web technology, Visual Commerce allows customers to configure, design and visualise your products; in 3D, 360º, Augmented Reality and see the end result in their own living space.

The Old Way

Traditional product pages

Before DigitalBridge, your customers struggle to understand how your products will work in their life. They have to rely on static 2D images and spec sheets.

The New Way

Visual Commerce

After DigitalBridge, your product pages help customers explore your products in 3D and view in their living space with Augmented Reality.

Our Solutions

Visual Commerce solutions for every type of product you sell:

For simple products that don't require any configuration

Helps website visitors imagine your products in their space through 3D and Augmented Reality.

Visual Inspiration gives your customers the ability to quickly explore your products in 3D and see how they’ll look and fit in their own home with AR, directly via your website - no app required!

Integrates easily into your product pages
Built on top of web technologies, no app required
For complex products that are come in a variety of configurations or sizes

Helps website visitors choose configure and view your products in their space

If your products are modular, or come in different options, Visual Configuration gives your customers a way to visually find the right options for their needs, giving them confidence to buy.

Configurations can be viewed in AR
Integrates with your website and shopping cart.
Configured products can be easily saved and shared with friends, a tradesperson or store colleague.
For products that are often sold in bundles, sets or ranges

Helps website vistors to layout and visualise combinations of your products in their living space

If your customer needs to imagine a number of different products in their home, Visual Combination turns your customers into interior designers, allowing them to design and visualise their space with your products.

Your customers can design and visualise the perfect layout with your products.
Product combinations can be viewed in AR
Product combinations can be directly added to your shopping cart

And build your complete online customer journey

From discovery all the way through to delivery, our tools are built to keep your customers engaged from the moment they enter your website to the moment they check-out.

Attract customers earlier

Draw more people towards your store with tools that help solve their problems and answer their questions.

Engage them instantly

Keep them engaged through interactive experiences that draw them closer to your products and brand.

Guide them to conversion

Create confident customers who spend more through enriching experiences that build long-lasting brand loyalty.

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