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The simple way of guiding your customers through the kitchen & bathroom design and purchasing journey.

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We now live in a world where consumers demand a frictionless experience. This seismic shift is driving success and failure in the retail world.

We used to ring taxis to find the best price then patiently wait for it to arrive, instead we now simply open up our smartphones and summon an Uber. Gone is the pre-planned drive to Toys R Us, replaced by efficient one-click delivery from Amazon. Remember how we used to rent DVDs from Blockbuster? Now we can watch movies and TV shows instantly through Netflix (with increasingly good recommendations to suit our personality)

We call this shift Frictionless Gratification and it has become the new norm, however, home improvement retail is yet to change and remains long, complex and full of friction.


Why Guided Design?

When consumers are looking to renovate their home they will face a mountain of friction due to the multitude of decisions they have to make.

The cost of getting just one of these decisions wrong is so big, costly and time-consuming that it stops people from even making the buying decision.

So when frictionless gratification has become the new norm, consumers don’t have the time or patience for friction anymore.

It's time for home
improvement retail to change

Instead of forcing
consumers to go through
a long and complex process…

...Guided Design proactively
leads them through
the journey.

Simple Journeys = Faster Conversions

The 3 Key Principles

Be The Guide

Customers should never be left on their own to figure out functionality or be unsure of what to do next. Instead, they should be given proactive guidance on how to complete a task efficiently and get validation on their choice and designs.

Be Relevant

Consumers can often get stuck with the sheer amount of options available. Guided Design will reduce the number of decisions wherever possible, by asking questions, understanding customer preferences and needs, and only offering relevant and context-specific options.

Always There

A customer should be able to start, progress, complete and confidently purchase their project wherever suits them: online, on any device or in-store. They should be offered the most relevant experience, functionality and content to suit the context.

Reduce purchasing
cycle by as much as 50%


Your customers can start designing their new dream space long before they step into your store by engaging on your website.

Enjoyable & Engaging Experience

Your website no longer has to feel like a catalogue. Products come to life when your customers are able to visualize their new room design and layout.

Quickly with Confidence

Confident consumers purchase faster. The guided process removes friction and unknowns that cause customers to think twice, return items or drop out entirely.

Average Order Value

Customers who are guided through the design process realize why they need more products (e.g. tiles, drainage, accessories) to complete their project.


Want to know more?

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