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Guided Design is the building block of our bathroom visualisation tool, with it we can guided every customer to basket with simple tools that bring commerical success to your online retail experience.

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What is Guided Design?

Put simply, it's a way of removing friction from any journey a customer faces by building a tool that eliminates the complexities.

Bathroom Projects before Guided Design

Complex & Daunting

The process is frustratingly long, and difficult to visualise let alone bring to life, on top of that there's a multitude of things that could go wrong every day.

Bathroom Projects after Guided Design

Simple & Enjoyable

The process is quick and can be done online from anywhere, its easy to create your visualisation without having to worry about product placement or issues with the design.

3 principals that achieve commercial success

Be the guide

Customers should never be left on their own to figure out functionality or be unsure of what to do next. Instead, they should be given proactive guidance on how to complete a task efficiently and get validation on their choice and designs.

Be relevant

Consumers can often get stuck with the sheer amount of options available. Guided Design will reduce the number of decisions wherever possible, by asking questions, understanding customer preferences and needs, and only offering relevant and context-specific options.

Always there

A customer should be able to start, progress, complete and confidently purchase their project wherever suits them: online, on any device or in-store. They should be offered the most relevant experience, functionality and content to suit the context.

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Reducing buying cycles and creating happy customers

By implementing our 3 principals into our Design tools, we can help guide customers towards purchase with little to no fricition and help your business achieve it's commercial goals.

Attract customers earlier

Reach more customers with tools that let them realise their home improvement vision in one single place

Engage them instantly

Inspire them with the possibilities of your products and let them discover more options than ever before.

Convert them quicker

Achieving their goals lets them convert them with confidence and create brand loyalty with your business that lasts a lifetime.

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