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How Guided Design helps drive innovation in Home Decor & DIY Retail

Why we're using Rust for cloud rendering

High quality visualisation is key to a great design experience. Our Visualise 360 service uses cloud-based ray-tracing to deliver custom panoramas of a user's bathroom or kitchen design, without needing the help of a computer graphics expert. In his debut blog developer Iain jumps into the reasons why we're now using Rust for cloud rendering.


How we use machine learning and computer vision to recommend products

Our Head of Research Ilaria looks at how we're using machine learning and computer vision to make consumers' lives easier when it comes to picking bathroom furniture. Jump in below to find out more.


Has Retail Come Full Circle?

In his latest blog, our Senior Product Expert Lee looks at the way we buy and sell products, and how it's changed over time.


DigitalBridge helps your DIY customers feel valued

Weā€™re building a product that enhances your customer experience, including for those going down the ā€˜Do it yourselfā€™ route. Find out more in our latest blog.


An introduction to Catalyst, our automatic layout designer

In this blog post, David from our research team introduces Catalyst, our automatic bathroom design tool. Using machine learning it guides a customer to plan their perfect room helping reduce the friction that occurs during the design process.


How we use Machine learning at DigitalBridge

Itā€™s difficult to renovate a bathroom. There are a thousand things to do, all of which a typical customer has never done before. This problem is compounded by the imagination gap. When a customer views a product, it can be difficult for them to picture how that product will look in their bathroom. Is there a good place for that product? Is the product an appropriate size for the room? What does it look like in that space? These questions, and questions like these, are difficult to answer for a novice bathroom designer.


How our AI Auto-Design uses Genetic Algorithms

One of the blockers when renovating a bathroom is deciding where products should go and what size they should be for the consumer to use them effectively. Do you like free-standing baths but your bathroom is too small? Do you have a downstairs toilet but youā€™re struggling to fit a basin? Weā€™re here to help with our AI Auto-Design technology.


A quick guide to 3D models

In his debut blog, our 3D Artist Nadeem talks through how we create and use 3D content at DigitalBridge to ensure a seamless experience for our retail customers and their consumers.


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