Why virtual and augmented reality are key to a killer e-commerce strategy

Staying ahead of the curve in today’s retail environment is no small feat. We’re experiencing unprecedented change in the market, and, with the success of retailers from Amazon to Asos, it seems the sky really is the limit  for tech savvy businesses - while the quietening of the high street is a stark warning for those who fail to embrace e-commerce.

While it’s clear that retailers need to offer new and innovative ways to capture the attention of consumers, with so many exciting options available in the technology stratosphere - virtual reality waterslide into Topshop anyone? - it can be hard to know what to choose. Technology needs to excite and attract customers, but also drive real, tangible results and provide a great return on investment.

At DigtalBridge we’re living and breathing e-commerce innovation, driving conversion and revenue online through our design tools. We asked our in-house experts to tell us how retailers can incorporate virtual and augmented reality into a killer e-commerce strategy.



Tina, Head of User Experience: “Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) can create such a realistic experience, it’s possible to tap into the emotional side of purchasing that can be lost when you’re behind a screen. AR and VR allow the consumer to really see how an item would look in their own homes, removing a layer of confusion or abstraction from making that purchase. In the same way people get so excited and invested in gaming, AR and VR allow you to interact with items, producing an emotional response that’s been proven to vastly increase conversion, as well providing a more engaged customer experience. This all incentivises your customers to come back again and again.”



Hamza, Head of Professional Services: “Be focused. Know your end goal, and help your users get there as quickly as possible by eliminating unnecessary barriers. The user should be able to jump right into the crux of your technology, so they’re driven to invest in using it and you’ve got them hooked! The reason app designers get this wrong so often is they focus too much on features (Maximum products! Endless functionality!) rather than on what the retailer wants: a fantastic customer experience. If the goal is an excited customer, just jump to the excitement bit and skip the extra features that waste consumers time.”


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Brett, Development Team Lead: Not only is it important to have exciting technology available to your customers, both to attract them to your business in the first place and to close the buying cycle, it’s also critical to monitor insights and analytics, to ensure your chosen innovation is really getting you the results you need. We’re developing our Insights panel, providing analytics in real time, so businesses can monitor results and track consumer process. This birds’ eye view also this allows us to run A/B tests, ensuring we’re developing technology in line with consumer wants and needs, to create the biggest return for your business. Never stop checking your technology is still working for you, and don’t be afraid to make changes to stay at the forefront of your consumers minds.

At DigitalBridge we’re combing the latest innovations in machine learning and virtual reality with expert knowledge to help retailers stay ahead of the curve in e-commerce. Get in touch to find out more.

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