Why do people recoil at the idea of a colourful bathroom?

Flicking through the Sunday papers I was struck by an amusing piece written by David Mitchell this weekend entitled ‘As a society, we must get over the green loo.’ In the piece Mitchell scathingly questions why on earth Samsung have commissioned a study into the worst interior decoration fads of the last 50 years (apart from the fact that he mentions the brand 9 times in his short piece) and why we’re all so certain that avocado bathrooms will never make a come back.

As the piece rightly points out avocado is just green, and green is under most circumstances an extremely normal colour. However, it does beg the question why when it comes to bathroom furniture are we horrified by the idea of anything other than white. From my limited research it seems grey, beige, black or even bronze are sometimes acceptable. Of course where you can go slightly mad with a splash of colour is with your tile or wall decorating choices.

I do understand that whatever colour you choose in your bathroom you may have to live with for a number of years, and often people are looking to add value to a property so choosing something that others might also like is a big draw. Although assuming it’s still a nice space to relax in or kick-start your day, perhaps we’ll all look back and wonder why didn’t we inject a bit more colour into our bathroom renovations.

A quick scroll through instagram or Pinterest will show you all sorts of wonderful options. I’m not sure I’ll be rushing for a millennial pink family bathroom, but my challenge is whether colours are in fact making a come back. Perhaps it’ll be more than just a passing fad this time too and we’re actually on the cusp of a revolution. Just feast your eyes on these refreshing ideas from Houzz and you can’t help but be tempted.

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