What’s the true cost of installing a new bathroom?

Excitingly our Senior Product Manager Lee has agreed to share some of his knowledge from the 15 years he spent designing bathrooms and kitchens for people, like your customers. He joined DigitalBridge back in 2017 to help streamline the customer journey with technology and works closely with our retail customers day to day to design the right solution to their problems.

In the first in this new blog series, Lee looks at the true cost of installing a new bathroom taking into account time, money and stress levels.

Measuring the true cost of installation for a customer

The true cost of installing a new bathroom isn’t measured purely by how much money you spend. It’s important to also take into account other factors, such as how much time is needed to complete the installation and what effect a complex installation will have on your stress levels.  

Let's assume that your customer has designed their dream bathroom and is now thinking about installation. It would be normal for them to start thinking about how much it will cost, who’s going to do it and how long will it take. For people who arn't experts in bathroom installation there’s a lot to think about and the whole process can start to feel quite daunting. They thought they’d done the hard part just agreeing on which tiles to go for with their partner!

Tips and tricks from DigitalBridge’s Lee

The first question to ask your customer is who’s going to install their new bathroom. It can be very tempting for someone to want to try and do some of the work themselves, especially if they’re an avid DIYer and think it may save some money.  

Before they make the wrong decision it’s worth asking these questions:

  • Do they have the skills needed to install a bathroom?
  • Do they have time to do it?
  • Do they have all the necessary tools and materials?  

For the inexperienced DIYer, jobs will always take 3 times longer, cost more and be a lot more stressful. In Lee’s experience one job always leads to another, another tool is always required and you’ll find you always need just 1 more pipe fitting to finish the job.

How can I help my customers make the right choice for them?

The following information is intended to help your customers make an informed decision when choosing who’s going to do the installation, all of which will affect the overall true cost.     

And finally, some personal insight from Lee’s recent bathroom installation

Lee’s advice isn’t just theoretical, as an experienced DIYer he’s installed 2 kitchens and 3 bathrooms over the years so understands the true cost. Talking about his recent bathroom installation he said:

“I’d just moved into a new home and the bathroom looked tired and dated. Everyone wants (and deserves!) a nice new clean bathroom. I decided to do the refurb myself as there was no electrical work to do and I’d installed a new bathroom in my previous home, so I had a good idea of what needed to be done.

The 'tired and dated' bathroom

The biggest challenge I always have is finding the time to complete the job. This one took me about 6 weeks as I only had weekends and the odd evenings to work on it. A professional would have completed it in about 7 days but I had to consider the budget.

Working tile-lessly during the installation

The most stressful part was continuously running back and forth to my local DIY store as I always run out of materials or need a new tool!”

That’s all for our first installment. Next time we’ll be looking at the specific skills needed to install a bathroom.

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