We're helping anyone design beautiful living spaces

DigitalBridge was founded back in 2013, when our CEO David was presented with a choice of wallpaper samples for his living room. Unable to visualise how the room might look and convinced he couldn’t be the only person unable to bridge the ‘imagination gap’ David set out to find a solution.

Although we’ve been hard at work for the past five years, unfortunately for the majority of people little has changed. It seems like everything gets in the way of a smooth bathroom renovation project from creating an accurate floor plan, to going back and forth in-store and offline with a designer and staying within budget. Added to that customers have become more savvy and now expect a frictionless customer experience.

That’s why we’ve launched the world’s first virtual interior design assistant. DigitalBridge is on a mission to help anyone design beautiful living spaces for themselves and their family, regardless of their design experience. In turn by reducing the friction in home improvement projects we’re accelerating the purchasing process, and increasing conversion and revenue for retailers.

Design beautiful living spaces
No complicated downloads
from concept to completion
Bridging the imagination gap
More engaged customers
Recommend relevant products
Integrating online and in-store
Aspect by DigitalBridge

If you have any questions about DigitalBridge or would like to find out more about our product, get in touch with the team on info@digitalbridge.com.

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