User research and testing at DigitalBridge is crucial, here’s why

Tina Connelly

To provide the best and most streamlined renovation experience for your customers, we ensure every feature we design and build will add value through extensive user research & testing. By getting to know and understand our end user, your customers, on a personal level and utilising the latest technology we’re able to create tailor-made living spaces that work.

It’s not just down to our UX Research and UX Design teams either. We make sure everyone gets involved in our research sessions which means invaluable user knowledge is shared effectively across teams… and it’s actually really fun!

Why is user research so important?

People don't always know what they want, as Henry Ford famously said if he'd asked his customers what they wanted they would have said faster horses. However, when you speak to people about renovating their bathrooms we’ve found there are so many unknowns they stumble across from budgets to end panels (side note we found some users either buy the wrong end panel or completely forget, so we’ve built software that adds the correct end panel at the correct size automatically) and all the headaches in between. By uncovering these stumbling blocks and iterating our product accordingly, these vital insights will improve the process for future bathroom renovators.

We’re specifically interested in the ‘job’ the bathroom or process is doing (more on Jobs To Be Done to come in a blog soon) and how this critical living space might change people’s lives. In turn, streamlining the process will ensure retailers sell more bathrooms, and sooner.

A great and light hearted example of why we all need user research is this fantastic video shared by Mukesh Singh on LinkedIn which shows children sliding next to the slides in a park:

Shout out to Mukesh Singh for sharing this video on LinkedIn

In our next blog we’ll be digging into how we actually go about User Research and Testing. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you’re a retailer and would like to find out more about DigitalBridge technology drop us a line on

Tina Connelly

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