The DigitalBridge story: How we became leaders in KBB innovation

As we celebrate our fifth birthday, we’re taking a quick look back at why DigitalBridge was founded and how we’re changing the face of bathroom and kitchen design forever.


Way back when in 2013, our CEO David started DigitalBridge after his wife presented him with a choice of wallpaper samples for their living room. Unable to visualise how the room might look and convinced he couldn’t be the only person unable to bridge the ‘imagination gap’ David set out to find a solution.

Since then we’ve been on a mission to help anyone design beautiful living spaces for themselves and their family, no matter how little design experience they have. The team might have grown (doubled in the last year), and we now have company values  and a smarter coffee machine but our core has remained the same. A simple mission, which is now powered by incredibly complex technology.


As part of the John Lewis Accelerator Programme we built a cutting-edge Wallpaper Visualiser, which kick-started our growth. In just a few short years David had brought together a team of experts, with specialist skills from computer vision & machine learning to computer graphics and web applications, to build software that’s fundamentally changing the way people shop.

Visualiser on launch day!
Visualiser on launch day!

Alongside building our visualiser tool, we started to focus our attention on the underserved bathroom visualisation space. The tool we’ve created utilises the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to empower and enable consumers to design stylish living spaces that make the best use of space, while conforming to regulatory requirements.

Just like a real-life designer, the assistant first seeks to fully understand the customer’s needs and tastes, to guide them through the process of designing a new space. It sources inspiration through platforms such as Pinterest; determining if the user needs - for example - a family bathroom with lots of storage. It then helps to create an accurate floor plan using 3D scanning and pulls together a range of information, such as the project budget, to make relevant product suggestions and create tailor-made designs in minutes.

Users scan their room using a mobile phone or tablet to create an accurate floor plan
Users scan their room using a mobile phone or tablet to create an accurate floor plan

Users can then share their designs and collaborate with friends or family as easily as with a trusted professional online or instore to validate; safe in the knowledge their design will work in practice. Then to help bridge the imagination gap, the new space can be brought to life in outstanding high definition.

The technology has been designed to integrate directly into a retailer’s website so consumers can design and visualise their projects on any device.


We foresee huge change ahead, as customers will be assisted by technologies such as artificial intelligence, depth cameras, augmented and virtual reality when they shop. Our intention is to harness these technologies and build valuable experiences for retailers and their customers today and in the future.

We’re aiming to revolutionise the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom (KBB) market helping retailers to reduce the friction and unknowns related to a home renovation project, and in turn accelerate the purchasing process and increase sales.

Always designed with the user in mind, it'll be super easy to use too.

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