Guided bathroom design for everyone!

DigitalBridge is on a mission to help anyone design beautiful living spaces for themselves and their family, no matter how little design experience they might have. Those who can’t afford professional help, don’t know how to get started or the 50% who currently abandon the idea of refurbishing their home because of the “imagination gap”. We want to kick-start more renovation projects and put the power of guided design into people’s hands.


At the moment if you want to start a home renovation project, it feels like everything gets in the way. It’s a process full of friction and hurdles. You need to find time to visit a store or search online, measure the room, and then there’s all the things you haven’t thought of unless you can afford to outsource the job to someone in the know.

We’re in awe of the professionals who come together to bring a family’s dream space to life, from interior designers to installers and in-store colleagues. However, the reality is the majority of people don’t have access (or can’t make time to visit their local store or can’t make time for a designer to come to their home) to a fancy design service. We’re talking about ordinary people, like you or me, doing the best we can.

Even if we’ve found the time in our busy work schedules to book an appointment at home or in-store with a designer. We’ve grappled with a measuring tape and our partner to create a fairly accurate floor plan, and have a hunch blue won’t look too awful. Whatever’s produced is never going to be anywhere near as good as getting your very own interior designer.

The reality is for most people spending their Saturday sitting in-store, with someone it feels is just very good at using the software rather than a trained designer, the process isn’t ideal. In fact, it’s full of friction, even if the design is fantastic, as every time you want to try out a new change you have to go back in-store or contact your professional.

Our objective is to kick-start many more home renovation projects by bringing these ideas to life. The world’s first virtual interior design assistant will create a more seamless experience all round and give people the confidence they need to purchase, whether they’re personal or professional.

Find out how you could be part of the next generation of home design software (which you can use at any time on any device) by getting in touch with the team on


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