DigitalBridge helps your DIY customers feel valued

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, whether you’re savvy or just strapped for cash we’ve all contemplated the ‘Do it yourself’ approach. Of course this varies from person to person, whether you fancy yourself a handyman or painting your bathroom or kitchen walls is the height of getting your hands dirty. There’s always the how much can I do moment, and the quick calculations of effort vs cost in your head.

I think there’s also an element of saving face either in-store or at home on what seems reasonable to undertake and on the other hand admitting that someone else is perhaps better placed to plumb in your new bath...

DIY hands

We know that retailers do everything they can to remain competitive and keep their prices down, but a new bathroom or kitchen is an expensive purchase. However, from our research there’s much more that goes into the decision to purchase than just money, including emotional (often the trigger of the new bathroom) and practical (how easy it will be to achieve) forces.

That’s why we’re building a product that enhances your customer experience for all your customers, including those going down the ‘Do it yourself’ route. We’re on a mission to help anyone design beautiful living spaces, no matter how little design experience they might have. We jump-start more bathroom and kitchen projects and help your customers create smartly designed, beautiful living spaces even if they’re on a tight budget.

Lady electrician

Whether it’s their first or fiftieth home renovation project, our software will guide them to design a practical living space. As our Head of Product likes to muse, we ‘hold their hand’ through the process and give them the confidence that their product choices are compatible. There’s nothing worse than spending a small fortune only to realise your bath and taps don’t fit together properly.

Our tool, which can be used anywhere on any device, will not only optimise the items considering the available space, but also propose the layout that allows the customer to use the bathroom or kitchen in the easiest way. We design multiple options for your customer to choose from, all without having to pop in-store (and so saving your in-store colleagues time if the customer isn’t sure) unless they want to of course.

That’s why we’re shouting about ‘Guided bathroom and kitchen design for everyone’, because it really is for everyone. Get in touch with our team to book a demo and find out how we can help you sell more bathrooms.

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