Creating an inspiring, fun, simple and rewarding planning journey for your customers

I’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen for a few years, but it’s hard to know when’s the right time to do the renovation and how to go about it. I recently plucked up the courage to speak to a reputable kitchen company, but wrongly assumed that when the person came to measure my space they’d also sit with me to bring my vision to life. 

It turned out I had to get a bus to the showroom, and then sit for three hours while my kitchen was being designed. I wouldn’t have minded but I mainly sat drinking tea, occasionally commenting ‘yes those handles’ and staring at a man, staring at a computer screen designing the space. 

The customer service was brilliant once it was all done and I was happy with the design, but as someone who’s got quite a vivid imagination and loves playing with new programmes on a computer I’m sure I could have given it a good shot solo. The process definitely wasn’t inspiring, fun, simple or rewarding. 

Kicking off a renovation project can feel overwhelming

So, how are DigitalBridge helping retailers supercharge their customers’ planning journeys? Take a look at 4 key ways below: 

Using inspiration

Whether it’s from your Pinterest board, a hotel bathroom you’ve recently swooned over or your best mate’s new brilliant refurb, DigitalBridge can collate all your consumer’s inspiration in one place. This information, along with their budget and other requirements (do they have a dog, small children or elderly relatives using the space too?) to create a hyper-personalised space in seconds. 

Create your dream bathroom online, on any device, with DigitalBridge technology

Making it fun

Of course people might have different ideas of fun, but creating a hyper-personalised experience is always more fun than feeling like a generic persona. For example, I might be a millennial who doesn’t love pink and intensely dislikes smashed avocado on toast (don’t even get me started on unicorns!) so putting me into a ‘millennial’ box wouldn’t necessarily work.

In addition, isn’t doing things yourself always more fun or proving to her partner that patterned tiles really will work in your tiny bathroom. Feels good doesn’t it!

Keeping it simple 

Not having to have someone come and measure, and sit with a designer from the start is already streamlining the current kitchen and bathroom renovation process. But, to also be guided through the process and given the confidence to buy online, or pop into store with an idea of what you already want. Now that feels much more simple.

Making sure it’s rewarding 

The user is rewarded with the luxury of time. No more having to sit for hours staring at someone staring at their computer designing (until you’re really ready to commit), and no more not knowing how something might look in your home. 

This means the retailer will have more engaged customers, less returns and will be able to utilise their design staff to their full potential. We’ve also found that those using our tool took 50% less time to complete the sales cycle. Rewards all round!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you create an inspiring, fun, simple and rewarding planning journey for your customers get in touch with us today. 

You can also use our platform on the B&Q website, or book a demo for a sneak peek into the cutting edge technology we’re working on at the moment. 

Right then, I best get back to thinking about whether I can afford the granite or whether it’ll be the laminate countertop for my new kitchen…

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