Catalyst: Jump-start your customer’s bathroom design project

Whether they’ve just moved house or they’d like a more modern look, there are countless reasons your customers might decide to upgrade their bathroom. However, knowing where to start on the project and how to approach designing the room can be quite daunting especially if your customer is working without a design consultant.

To help consumers bridge the imagination gap and get over this first hurdle, we’ve created Catalyst. Linking seamlessly into our intuitive bathroom and visualisation tool, Catalyst uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make suggestions for the design and layout of your customer’s new bathroom.  

Catalyst places products in a room to meet regulations and good layout design

Catalyst places products in a room to meet regulations and good layout design

Catalyst can design a bathroom in 1.8 seconds, in comparison to a traditional design consultant who might take nearer 15-20 seconds to pull together an initial design. It helps consumers explore various designs themselves without using up valuable designer time upfront.


All a customer needs to do is select which items they’d like included in the room, for example a toilet, shower, basin and bath. Then using design best practices, AI and existing room features, our technology will automatically position and layout a space that suits the individual’s tastes, budget and needs. It can even suggest multiple layouts and tiling options. In the background, our product discovery service is helping you manage complex product configurations, dependencies and relationships, so customers can experiment with, for example, different taps and we'll ensure everything fits.

The tool understands that bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes too, and that sometimes customers might have unrealistic expectations - you might have dreamt of owning a freestanding bath but perhaps haven’t considered quite how much space it might need. Catalyst will seamlessly optimise the selected products to fit the space taking into consideration soil pipes, mirrors and storage cupboards above basins.


Catalyst jump-starts your customers bathroom design project, builds trust and allows you to engage with your customers more deeply. It’s web-based, so can be used anywhere on any device giving customers the confidence they need to purchase online. By acting like a virtual design assistant it will guide your customer to their dream space in a shorter time.


Although it’s easy to use, behind the scenes it’s incredibly complex technology. Find out more about how Catalyst works from David in our Research Team, or get in touch to book a demo on

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