3 key actionable insights from this year’s HYPERGROWTH conference

From the resident DJ to the swag room, graffiti artists and festival feel HYPERGROWTH is like no other conference we’ve been to recently.

Not only did it have the cool factor though, it also had top class presenters and an unveiling of Drift’s new product (Squeals!). Between James (COO), Kate (Customer Success) and myself (Marketing) we all found different sections useful, though, so for those who couldn’t make it to London on Monday we’ve summarised our highlights below:

James: My highlight was watching Drift’s CEO unveiling their new product: Drift Video.

At DigitalBridge we’re big believers in using story to frame a message. We follow people like Andy Raskin and Donald Miller, who both preach the power of using classic narrative frameworks in sales decks, pitches and other marketing or sales messaging.

David Cancel’s structure for unveiling Drift Video was textbook Andy Raskin:

#1 Name an undeniable change in the world

Online video is everywhere, from Netflix to Zoom to Instagram

#2 Show there will be winners and losers:

This was summed up with a slide showing Netflix and a closing down Blockbuster store side-by-side.

#3 Tease the Promised Land

The Promised Land was how video can be used within Drift as a catalyst for conversations.

#4 Introduce Features as “Magic Gifts” for Overcoming Obstacles to the Promised Land

Here David showed how easy it can be to create, send and track a video within Drift as well as kick-starting a sales conversation as soon as the video has been watched.

#5 Present Evidence that You Can Make the Story Come True

This part was the icing on the cake. Drift had flown out two representatives from startups that had been trialling the beta version of Drift Video and their positive testimonies backed up with stats helped to seal the deal.

Actionable insight: Learn more about narrative structures and think about how you can use storytelling in your next presentation.

Kate: Absolutely L-O-V-E-D Jimmy Chin’s closing talk about his extraordinary career as a climber turned cinematographer and producer, especially listening to the backstory of the amazing Free Solo docufilm.

I don’t think I’ll be scaling any 7573ft rockfaces any time soon, but I definitely feel energised to put my all in for my own work this morning. The practical marketing advice we absorbed throughout the day was fantastic, of course, but this last talk was the real kicker to get out there and get on with it!

Actionable insight: Be brave. Is there anything you’ve been putting off? Have the courage to get things done and even do the thing that makes you feel uneasy.

Me: I really enjoyed Amanda Hill’s 5 Superpowers and Charlotte Pearce’s Eros moments, but it was the practical tips from Peter Isaacson at Demandbase and Ryan Deiss at DigitalMarketer that got me really excited. Hearing from Brian Halligan, the CEO of Hubspot, was pretty awesome too.

Whether it’s choosing one persona to concentrate on or looking at how marketing can work more closely with product or even getting more targeted with our digital advertising there’s loads to take away and unpack. Exciting!

Actionable insight: Think about the bigger picture but also look at the tactics you’re using today. Are they working? Are you up to date with the latest tips and tricks? Is there anything you could tweak or improve? Small changes could make a big difference to your bottom line.

As I think the above shows we had a pretty knockout day, and all agreed we can’t wait for next year already. In the meantime we’ll just have to keep listening to DG’s Swipe File podcast…

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