Kitchen & bathroom Guided Design platform for your customers

3D visualization tools are far too complex for most people to use. Our AI-powered Guided Design platform helps your customers create beautiful kitchen and bathroom spaces, with reduced friction and complexity.

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Guide your customers through the design and purchasing journey

Current Buying Experience

With Guided Design

Implementing the Guided Design platform doesn’t require re-engineering of your entire customer experience and can be integrated into your existing website and in-store design consultation process with ease.

Eliminating complexity
with Artificial Intelligence

Smart, capable and powered by AI, with our Guided Design platform your customers will be able to understand, design and confidently approve their dream kitchen and bathroom with ease.

Drive increase in revenue

Engage customers earlier in the buying journey and accelerate your kitchen and bathroom revenue through increased AOV and shortened sales cycles.

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Improve customer experience

Help your customers design their perfect kitchen and bathroom by creating experiences that improve their buying journey.

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Technology for consumers

Transform the way your customers buy kitchens and bathrooms, by embracing technology that engages your prospective buyers at every stage of the buying process.

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Plan My Bathroom

Launched on the B&Q website in 2018, Plan My Bathroom is the first web-based, mobile-first, consumer-focused bathroom design and 3D visualization tool. 

Designing can happen at any place and at any time and we built Plan My Bathroom to work on desktop, tablet or smartphone. Using pinpoint room measurement tools to generate an accurate floor plan, customers can paint walls, tile floors and add products from B&Q’s extensive product catalog, and when they are finished, everything is brought together to make purchasing quick and easy.

Over 1 million bathrooms have already been designed by their customers, with B&Q seeing a significant increase in conversion rates and average orders values.


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